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Dam Assessment is a signature service and geophysical resource page developed by hydroGEOPHYSICS Inc, (HGI). At HGI, we understand that every project is unique and we have developed specific geophysical technologies to match the distinctive needs they require. We provide tested and trusted approaches and high quality services to deliver cost-competitive, actionable solutions, safely and on time. We are exceptionally passionate about geophysics, and our mission is to help clients realize the powerful information geophysical technologies offer to mitigate the risk of future failures.

Understanding a dam’s integrity and locating potential points of failure are core objectives for protecting these critical assets

Areal image of a long, narrow body of water surrounded by sparse, dry terrain with scattered vegetation. The water curves gently through the landscape, contrasting with the arid land on either side. A small dam is visible at one end of the water body.
Dam Assessment Site

Many dams throughout North America are aging, and the risk of breach for downstream communities is ever increasing. Thus, having the capability of understanding each structure’s integrity and locating potential points of failure remains a core objective for protecting these critical assets.

HGI’s Dam Assessment website is designed to help earthen dam, levee, and tailings dam owners and operators appreciate how geophysical technologies can assist them with understanding the internal integrity of these structures. We have a broad work history within the industry and have developed a complementary set of tools to map, track, and monitor water movement within these large earth-engineered structures.

To this end, HGI has developed electrically-based geophysical methods with innovative cabling systems, GPS, and unique analytical methods to assess the reliability of dams and levees. Our methods can identify areas of concern related to abnormal seepage or piping, in order to aid mitigation efforts against failure.

An Internal Image

Every earthen containment system is unique in design, construction, and use, and these properties present challenges in assessing reliability and risk. Getting a holistic inside view of the structure in the context of its design and construction is the ultimate goal of understanding its integrity. HGI has adapted geophysical characterization methods to offer such a view by using electrical resistivity, seismic, and streaming potential (SP) methods to create an internal picture of these complex structures. These innovations provide data-rich information sets, thus creating a catalyst for conveying solutions that would be unrealized without it.

Our geophysical innovations provide data-rich information sets that can help drive managers to solution-ready, actionable results.

The Dam Seepage Figure displays a diagram with three horizontal cross-sections labeled by distance in feet and depth in feet, showing varying conductivity ranges. Colors vary from blue (more conductive) to red (more resistive). A green dashed line labeled "Seepage Pathway" traces from top left to bottom right.
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When considering a major investigatory project, choosing a company you can trust to provide exceptional data and act with integrity is critical. No other decision will have a greater impact on the success or failure of your project. HGI affords you tested and trusted experience through an exceptionally high-quality service, delivering actionable solutions safely and on time. Our complete focus is on developing cutting-edge geophysical technologies and expanding the reach of geophysical services in new exciting areas. This is why HGI is a world leader in geophysical characterization, mapping, leak detection and location, and monitoring. It is simply our passion. HGI’s more than 35 years in business is only surpassed by the collective experience of our team of qualified professionals. We are committed to understanding your needs and objectives and dedicated to the highest standard of quality and professionalism.

HGI affords you tested and trusted experience through an exceptionally high quality of service. With HGI, the failure risk to your dam or levee will be minimized with information from our geophysical technologies

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While anyone can say they have the quality service you need we offer our breadth of experience through our many completed projects and peer-reviewed published research and results. Don’t ask us, ask our clients.

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